Aimless SCribbles

13th May 2010

so a couple of days have passed by since i started blogging, in between mothers day came n went as well, oh yea by the way H Belated Mothers Day to every one who’z reading this 🙂
Every day takes a turn, every minute has the ability to form a new shape depending on wat we do n how we do it, i dunno y i am even writing this right now, its just past midnight n am waiting for my hot cocoa to cool down a lil so that i can enjoy it sip by sip before i go off to bed, n just thot to explode with my thoughts. Empty my mind before i hit the sack. so here i am typing away aimlessly, making no sense at al, just a blabber, a lil birdie chattering away. *sigh*
Ok now that my mind is blank, i had actually thot i will write sumthing nice, sumthing meaningful sumthing good, but i just ended up writing crap. Tsk tsk, Aaaaah i just love it at times n already feeling better so yayyy 🙂

I shall b back soon with more blabbers hopefully a lil more meaningful then this one 🙂


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