Banning FB by PTA

20th May 2010

since yesterday facebook has been banned from Pakistan for an unsaid limit. Dude dats insane, a friend of mind had posted this link to my page, which i cud see from my email,

it makes no sense n banning a website is not a solution, rather it wll create further more anger n rage in people for gettin into their personal stuff. those who do not wish to use it wil not use it anyways, wats the point, our Govt has nothing better to do then to focus on every god damn thing but on the actual issues. hence they still cannot control target killing, strikes, violence in the city BUT all they can do is to ban a website ? lol people are still loggin in to it so Boooo for poor assessment that our people will stand back. its just insane.Banning any thing or being emotionally challenged is neva a solution for any thing.

Imagine how many business wud actually go thru a social death……. i am not supporting any thing that has been happening on facebook but boycott aint no solution. n while i sit back n hate facebook for not deleting those events n pages made disrespecting n creating n mockery of muslim’s believes, i hope our govt would come up with a better solution for dealing with issues instead of just bycotting, banning or calling off skools for safety, closing down gas pumps on a particular day every week to “SAVE” electricity, closing down shops by 8 pm, or taking large sums of money from people to keep them appearing on legal reports DUH!

We have forever been runnin away from situations that makes us tense, instead we should stand on our place n fight it n not run to the cave every time sumthing happens, is that all we are good for? besides FB is a good channel for using our energy in source of games and others applications all brought to u in one place, unlike our Govt who even cuts down funland n dumps the rides in a near by ground for ppl to usefor what??? “Development” LOL Like we have a million other ways to channelize our energies eh? its us keeping all that within us that we feel soo raged n out of place, n weak, hence when sumthing like this happens we feel scared and threatened and immediately run for an escape।

and Bahaahahaha OMG now our stupid immature grownups who act like lil kids fighting are planning a ping flood on FB to cripple the servers. LOL like will that make any difference rather put Pakistan as a number one black listed county on the default. dats only tells how crippled we are ourselves….. we need things like these to function. PURE IDIOTS, its things like these that actually puts us on the list of STUPIDITY n tells us that We need to grow up, it things like these that tells the world we are easy to mess with coz we are weak n we cant keep our emotions under control, that we start being negative on even a warm breeze in summer, we curse a mosquito and blame every one for wats wrong but ourselves, its things like these that shows us our true colors that how weak we are from inside that we cannot withhold a social responsibility, we loose the ability to think straight any time sumthing happens, like our minds are attached to sum kinnda barometer, n any thing happens, any time the pressure goes beyond 5 our nerves start to twitch n we go in series of seizures. Rather it was better if we were brain dead, if this is wat we do being brain alive!

We are sooo easy to crack… one knock n we are shattered n scattered all over the place. LOL


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