Cheat ur way in

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2010

I have to admit, we all have become terribly addicted to facebook, n for sum of us life without facbook is almost impossible, well we do survive but that sumthing inside keeps pinching coz u have nothing better to do, no games, no socializing no nothing, Facebook is our virtual life that we have gotten used to more then the one we actually live in 🙂 Most of us wake up n are on facebook n update their status to good nyte on facebook before sleeping dats how much we are addicted hehehehe and we are all such genius that nothing n absolutely nothing can stop us, n hence alot of us are back on facebook, how eva we cud, we just cheated our way back to it Teee heeee 😛 n now i gotta go play sum dishies and give treats to my doggies in farmville 😀


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