” Not a FriEnD!!!”

” Not a FriEnD!!!”

People come and go in life
not a friend to stay forever
not a friend to share
problems, secrets and happiness
not a friend to have
for different moments
to have fun and enjoy with
they come they go
and life goes on….
no effects on life
no effects on nature
they will work
as always they do
as life goes by
Many people goes by
but some are really called friends
to share moments of every day life
to share love and likeness
Peace and happiness
but yet the same is ending
no one left to share any thing
standing again lonely as before
people come and go in life
and we act like statues
in a showroom of life
to watch people come and go
we wud hold a same position
as before and then forever
so I suppose that it is
a rule of life
to be left with no friend forever
we can only enjoy their company
for a little while
and then they go
still who ever come and go
Cannot deny wat is true
Not a friend is left forever

July 95′


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