State of Facebooklessness (DAY1)

20th May 2010

so i just commented on my friend;s blog n while i did so i realized how funny i sounded so i had to share it on my blog too, also i came up with a new word n that can be seen as the title of this post … soooo enjoyyy 😛

I can soo relate to how the no facebook has n is effecting all of us, i mean it was one source of entertainment, socialization, business promotions and OMG my games, my dogs will die of hunger on farmville, my people will die without food on my tribe n Oh well there goes my dishes in cafe world., i ate a cucumber today, i hate veggies and i ate a cucumber today just coz i wanted to stop eating chewing gum, oooh n i WATCHED my fishies for total TEN minutes, noticed how they gobbled and moved with elegance. downloaded the last bit of grays anatomy n called 4 friends apparently all were busy outdoors ( n dats odd) oooh i also got to play my xbox after i think more then 8 months , but stil i got bored….
n i am soo including this to my blog 😛 coz i don have any thing new to write in it Teeheeee


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