FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2010

was closing down my old blog n thott o copy stuff from there to here 😀
just for my own storage 😀 u guyz can choose to ignore it

28th July 09 (12:10 am) DEAD INSIDE
hmmmm So every thing practically sucks. i mean C’mon y am i always expected to be the strong one? i mean hellooo i am only human and tend to feel things then y cant i express them, y aint my feelings understood. do i really have to shout and scream? i realized sumthing very important today, all of a sudden i felt this pain inside, and for long i cudnt understand what it was. and when i did, i cudnt stop crying.
A part of me was clinging on to me hoping i wud retreat it, a part of me was looking up to me wishing for a sign of hope, but my external self had been way too busy to realize any thing at all, untill now, untill it was too late, untill it was beyond repair, untill……I was dead inside…..!

April 15, 2010 at 8:15amREWRITE

okieee so after almost a year well not really… okie a few months i return back to this blog to just write in sumthing with nothig n absolutely nothing in my mind so far …STILL i am bck i dunno y, just felt like typin a lil sumthing that prolly had no meanings to it later on or just wanted to have a lil aimless typng session hehehee
life is just amazing the way it takes turns n where it leads u n where it lands u,we can just neva judge that at the very begining, n in the end it all comes down to the best, all the missin pieces in the puzzles are answered/found and u just stand there amazed at how the life had it all figured out for, n U so like so many more ppl in this world neva really realized it 🙂
Aaaaaaah life is just amazing n we simply neva stop for even a second to give it a thot or to appreciate wat all lil things it does for us that makes us us ::)

ok enuff written for now lol
Muahahahahaha yes i shall stop beforei go crazy here 😉


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