“Thank you Friend” :)


Throughout my life
i was lookin for a person
a person who is a good listener
a person with good advices
a person to share my secrets with
a person to confine my problems with
a person tpo show me a right path
a person to be there when needed
a person to correct me when wrong
a perso to appreciate me when right
a person to give me sense
of watz good and watz bad
and i used to wonder
who’d dat one person be
who possess all these qualities
thought wud neva find sumone
who’d be the way i want him to be
but u came in to my life
and made me happy
God gave me all these rewards
in the form of ur friendship
and i thank you for being
all that to be and for being
there for me when needed
it seesm to be as if i
cud never find a friend
like u in all my life
throughout my life time
i’ve bein lukin for a friend like u
God has rewarded me u
in return of all my patience
so i thankyou for being
sucha good and close friend of mine

Dedicated to my best friend “Khurram”




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