the panic


and so i return back to my blog to pour down my thots away.
soo much has happened eva since my last scribble, the Air blue flight 202 crash at the marghala mountains islamabad on 28 July, 2010 that sent soo many people into tears of losing their loved ones, family n friends, the effect of the crash over the moaning people of the country had hardly even subsided and 2nd Aug 2020 MQM’s MPA Raza Haider was shot dead, and that sent the public into panic, the pumps shut down, cars got burnt, people got stuck in traffic n it took them hours to go to their home n safe places, the city was tearing down again, its like an on going process, one thing finishes the other starts, n just reat that Bilawal Bhutto is taking official charge of his chairmensip of the PPP on 7th aug 2010.
Anyways so alot has happened in the city and now am just hoping for a smooth walk, coz it keeps gettin bad to worse n from sd to scary.


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