The return (Once again)


Once again after months of rest i return to my blog, open this page thinkin i shall put in sumthing interesting n there comes a writers block! BAM! empty goes my mind like this blank page……. errrr was in here to write sumthing meaningful? or will i go ahead leaving my senseless scribbles once again? hmmm quite a thot eh πŸ˜›
but then again i return to the same state of mind with so much in it to spill out yet cant make words outta my thots, guess will give my mind a lil more rest or has it rested way to much to get back on the bloggin track. so much has happened between the time of my last blogging n now, for instance i got married… YUP, stop acting like its a shock for u πŸ˜› it had to happen eh but yes am loving my new life n home n everything around it n in it.
and today i learnt that to say bye in russian for friends u say “Paka” as Dasvidania is more formal way of saying bye.
guess i cud have written much much more but for now i shall return back to my countless game requests on facebook before they clutter on my homepage again:P
shall see u soon this time, till then paka paka πŸ˜€


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