The Surprise :)))


So i return back home after spending a day at my dad’s, i enter the room and i see are cloths all overplace the and i thought to my self Oh God these men cant do any thing right, one day am not here n look at what the room turns into. so i complained to my husband and he very casually said yea so just pick the cloths. Making a face to my self i started to fold the cloths one by one n kept them in the closet, as i picked the last of his shirt, i see a laptop bag lying on the sofa… i look on the other side of the sofa and there lies my husbands laptop bag so am like u have two of them? :O He so innocently looked at me n acted all surprised, said omg where did this come from LOL

It took 5 minutes for him to admit he got it for me as an anniversary gift and OMG was i stunned. i started screaming n jumping in excitement and in doing that i even hit my leg to the corner of the bed, down goes the excited girl to the floor crying with pain and still excited for the laptop hahahahhaa
My husband is the sweetest and the most adorable hubby in the whole world, i can neva thank God enough for sending this amazing man to me as my life partner….. *all smiles* Simple things in Life just leave u speechless at times… and for me that moment is right now :)))))))

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