Time for self??


Have you ever wondered how we get so busy with our daily life that we hardly get time to look after ourselves in literal means? I am talking about taking time for our selves and looking after our skin, or hands or face or even exercise a bit? nah every thing else is much much more important then us. we must do something or another that will definitely be more important:) If we need to fix sum thing at home we will go right ahead to the shop and get it, call the plumber or the electrician and get it done. if we are cooking some thing we will run to make sure we have all the necessary ingredients. but when do we stop to look at ourselves in the mirror closely? If u are reading this i suggest drop every thing right this moment take a break from reading this and look at ur self in the mirror for atleast 2 minutes. notice every inch of ur face, how ur eyes look.. tired? droopy? red? pale? or fresh? see how tiny thin lines for at the end of ur eyes that will one day turn into wrinkles. look at ur nose, its shape and do notice if there are any black heads on it? look at ur lips, are they smiling or sad? chapped or soft and smooth? dark or pinker? even our skin how does it look? fresh? healthy? or on a more closer look do u see some pores. how are ur hair? tired or falling on shoulders? suits ur face cut? a hair cut can make a huge difference in the way you look. Once u notice all this move back little and look at ur self one again. Do u see some thing u like?

If only we take out time for ourselves for 15 mines every day we can achieve much much more. one should always walk. its a very good way to improve blood circulation, takes off tension, relaxes you, improves your breathing and and additional benefit, it burns your calories too. so if not for hours 15 minutes walk each day can do wonders too. Once you are comfortable wid a 15 minutes walk you can increase time to 20 minutes or more too.
I am not big expert on any of this but all this i guess is common sense that we tend to ignore so perfectly. Even though we have the knowledge we do not like to acknowledge it.
So i dunno about who ever is reading this but i am promising my self today that i will give my self atleast 30 minutes each day including the exercise. :))
soooooooooooooooooooooo basically this whole speech was to inspire and motivate my self to pick up my lazy bum and start taking care of my self hehehehe
Thank you for reading every one, writing this really helped me, hope it helps you too in some way or another

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