“Tyme ChaNges Lyfe”


Time changes life every moment
There was a time when
we were together
in a relation of friendship
together we go, happy we stay
then came a time
when we were apart
due to sum misunderstanding
but thanx to our struggle
we were together again
and this time we
made it real strong
when it was changing
in a new relationship
and things were put
beautifully in our way
but suddenly there came a time
that made us fall apart
too far to be together again
just a word changed our lives
we were happy
to walk on the same road
but this word destroyed it all
it cut the road in two
leaving you on one
and me on other
still going parallel to each other
we cannot be together again
there is now no bridge
that wud connect our paths
together on a way
where we were parted
and at this point I can imagine
wat I wud have felt
I felt hurt
and so did U

Aug 95′


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