“A Feeling”


It was really strange how I felt through out dat time of waiting. A little of happiness, thrill and excitement was involved. It was really weird how things got so different.
Life was not dis way ever since I had known it. Dere was some thing going on in da back of my mind and I guess couldn’t figure out what it was. All I knew that it was pretty irritating and frustrating.
I had been waiting for him since long and now that the time as there, I really felt as if I will loose my conscious. I didn’t know how to react to this particular situation. But yet it was right there in front of me to welcome it.
He was there right there. I couldn’t believe my eyes. For a second I thought that I was dreaming, I wanted to touch him to make sure that he was for real but I was afraid to do that. What if he vanished if I touch him? What if I never see him again? My mind was getting more and more puzzled as the time was walking. My heart was pounding. My eyes were waiting and my mouth was dry. The coming moment could bring to me any thing that I might not be ready for. Yet there was a little ting of excitement some where in my heart. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as the time was passing.
I knew the time was coming closer; I had no choice to back out. I cud only move ahead n challenge my luck, see what happens. Risk my self in the hands of time. Now he was standing right in front of me, moving back was no option any more, I went ahead, totally scared of losing him, I motioned my hand to touch him. He was smiling, looking right through my eyes. I felt so warm so safe that my fingers actually touched his face. He seemed real, he was still there. A few minutes passed and my fears came to life again, he started to vanish, he was falling back, I reached out for his hand, even grabbed it for a sec but cud’nt hold on to it much longer. I lost him He vanished. I closed my eyes to regain my self, when I opened my eyes I was in my bed. I thanked God it was ONLY a dream. Yet a Tear from my eye rolled down my cheek……………



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