At times there are days when u just dont know waht to do
At times there are days whenevery thing is so much clear to u
Yet i dont know why i hold back the fear
To tell some one that they realy are dear.
Life has taught me many things
but i just dont know what to do
for when i am with u,
I feel some thing is coming over me
But i cant make out neither can i see.
I might know what it is
but let me tell u this
That whenevr u look at me
I know whats there behind those eyes
I know what that smile says
and think i know what i know
yet u shuold never be too sure
Of knowing what u know
For u might just have it all wrong.
And u dont know what to do.
It mght be the fear, it might be a heist
the reason for me to resist.
Only god knows what it is
there is nothing that i want to miss
in all the givings of life,
and yet u know when it is there
ur heart beats so that u can hear
ur skin gets goose and ur body shivers
and a smile that tell it all
what ur trying to hide.

9th Dec 2002′


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