I laid there still
with my eyes closed
feeling numb with a thrill
ready to be disposed

As I heard some noise
and some chants
of some girls and sum boys
uncles and aunts

I opened my eyes
and looked around
there were byes
in the background

Every thing was hazy
as I tried moving
think I saw a Daisy
but nothing was approving

Them! I wanted to touch
and tell that I care
that I love them much
and that am still there

as I open my lips
to admit how I feel
words just slips
seems like a seal

I shout I cry I scream
yet I cant be vocal
oh please, Let this all be a dream
but there aint no focal

being all panic
unable to motion
wish there was a magic
a spell, any potion

if only I get a chance
to do the undone
maybe a last dance
or a lil more fun?

I remembered a new dress
that I neva wore
will I eva play chess
I was so unsure

I lay there dead
unable to function
thousand words unsaid
there aint no option

as they begin
to take me away
I wanted to run
to find a way

I saw a grille
I wanted to hold
but my body was still
my hand were cold

please don’t cry
my dear friend
I really did try
to prolong the end

slowly moving ahead
it was time to part
hoping, now that am dead
I’ll be in Ur heart

now shall I depart n take a bow
though noone can fill my space
please believe & please know
that am in a better place

I loved U all
but I am no more
& I’ll miss U all
I swear, I swore!

6th April 06


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