It’s funny

How some one comes into Ur Life?
And promises
That he will change it
Says he cares about U
He says he does not want to hurt U
And will never leave U alone
It’s funny
How U start trusting a stranger
He becomes a part of ur life
And U believe he is Ur’s
How after saying all the good things
Making life look beautiful
He leaves with the morning dew one day
It’s funny
How life tricks U
And leaves U so unsure
Of every thing U trusted
As I stand in my window
Looking at the sky
Feeling the winter breeze on my palms
Thinking about every thing
It’s funny
As I think about him
And every thing he said
He just left me and went away
Miles away, in just a moment
He did full fill his promise
And changed my life
Up side down, just for worst
And he is gone
It’s funny
As I recall his memories
And every thing he did
I still have feelings for him
It’s funny
He never wanted to hurt me
But standing here all alone
As I see the distance between us
Knowing what he did,
Its funny, but its hurts
It hurts bad,
Funny …….. isn’t it?

6th Dec 2003′


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