Have u ever felt lonely? Ever sat in ur room feeling miserable? Ever wondered the purpose of life? In actual ever gone crazy? I know I sound stupid, but ryte now all I want is to have some one by my side, knowing he’z mine. Knowing that he is not judging me. I can be what I want to be, what I am …. With him, knowing he wud understand. There is no limit to the way I am feeling lonely ryte now. Alone… all alone.. n no one to share. Its such a pity when u don have any one to share ur life with.
What do I do … Oh please ……. tell me …… what do I do.
At times like this when I just want to hold on to someone real tight n just sit n feel the emotions building inside me. Times where I am still unsure of what the other person feels about me. Yet I don’t let go ….. going on n on, waiting to c the results, of my love, my feelings, my emotions n all the time that I waited for this one person.
Once the person is in front of me, I forget all I thought I’d say. Feeling tongue-tied, feeling stuck, all I do is to look in to this person’s eyes searching for the answers. Answers to all my questions, Answers to all my miseries, Answer to my love. Staring in those eyes for hours n hours n yet I don get to any conclusion. Have u ever felt that state of helplessness? Ever felt empty inside? Ever wondered y u even feel this way? I have.

20th Oct 2004


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