Just as I walked alone,
in this way of life
A Light from heaven shed on me
Leaving my eyes hazy
And senses to senseless
I felt the warmth right beside me
A warmth that felt like my own
A feeling of sweetness
A touch of love
It all seemed too familiar
As if I have known it forever
And then suddenly
My eyes were given the sight
And I saw him right there
Right beside me, with me
It felt like a dream,
But oh well it was real
I wasn’t dreaming any more
My dreams were answered
The man from my dreams
Was right here with me
Like a companion he moved
Like a friend he listened
He was all I dreamt of
The feeling was pure
He did not promise me though
But I knew he is forever mine
That smile, the touch and the voice
Every moment was so pure
I questioned God “Is this true”?
And the star in the sky sparkled
The very moment was a blessing
As he stood in front of me
And kissed my dreams away
He came into my life
And enlightened my soul
To be mine forever
I looked at the sky
And the stars brightened
Instantly I knew
This is for real
Brought to me live
The Guy from my dreams.

19th Sep 2002′


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