Sitting here in my room, thinking of all the past memories smiling my thoughts away ………….
I wonder how it would have been if I told u how I felt? Would we have been together? Or would it have made no difference to our lives? God only knows better. But what I c from now……. is a bright light that touches the sky, entering inside me, giving me hope, To live, to look ahead and to make a difference in my life. Will I be able to do it all by my own? Or will u be there with me in it? As I carry on with my life, experiences add to it and the learning process keeps on rolling. What I have learned so far is the reality of life that could not be learned by any book. But what I don’t know is u. Will u be there with me or will I be alone. Smiling my thoughts away I close my eyes listening to my heart calling Ur name. But will u ever hear it? God only knows……………….

17 dec 05′


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