“Since ur gone”


In the Memories of and Dedicated to our community fellow and a friend to many
“καbεεг” Aka “Red” aka “Hi Octane”

Since ur gone, therez
an Empty space..In my heart
I neva realized there will be
A time..When u’ll go far apart

Never to come back
Never to return
Living in the heavens
Above the shinning sun

u departed all too sudden
ur death left me in daze
Kabeer am gonna miss u
but with a smile on my face

Looking at the sky
am just gonna give u smiles
hoping u will c me
through all these distant miles

U will always be admired
just like a piece of an Art
and U will always be alive
deep down in my heart

13th Dec 2006′

Am not going to feel sad
and am not gonna cry
instead.. since i promised
with a smile i’ll luk at the sky
knowing u are watching
above the clouds so high
thinking about you gone
therez nothing but a Sigh
Damn i miss u soo much
Why did u leave… oh why


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