“The Horse Guy”


All i cud c were heads millions and millions
and the only face i saw …. was ur!s.
from far away
u stood out from the crowd.
u were on the stall
with ur beautiful horse
i cudnt take my eyes off u
i came to u
hoping that u wud c me but u didnt
i went ahead half hearted but looked back
and u were looking at me
this time i looked away.
i stayed there for a long time
but then it was time to go
the show was off
i knew i had to do sumthing now
so i gathered all my courage
and promised my self
that this time i wont look away
being determined i looked at u
u were surrounded by prople
oh those eyes
soo deep adn tender
the look of pride onur face
and the way ur lips curled
in a beautiful smile
it was all too intoxicating
i kept on looking at u.
just so u notice me
as the crowed started to move away
our eyes met,
neither u looked away, neither i
and then u were distracted by the people again
i stayed there. but oh no u were leaving
u walked away with ur horse
i thought i wud never see u again
i came out of the stall
sadness all over my face
but my friend told me to look behind
as i did, i cudnt stop smiling to my self
it was u standing there….looking at me
we looked at each other on and off
i was thinking what this was
and u swept me off my feet
u smiled at me,
i thought i will faint,
i looked at my friend
and my lips curled into a smile
my friends pushed me tot alk to u,
but as i took the step, u had started to move
looking right at me, our eyes locked
as u moved towards me,
for a second i thought u wud talk to me
but u just passed by me.
untill my friend told me that u were waiting
i abruptly looked back and our eyes met.
once again as i was about to take a step
u started going away.
i cudnt think of any thing
so i started to follow u
in millions of heads,it seemed impossible
to keep a track of u
but my following came to an end
when u stood there,
commanding the guyz for ur horse
and i gathered all my strength
to walk up to u this time
but my faith didnt support me
as i turned, u had vanished in the crowd.
and this time i didnt follow u
i stood there, watching u go.
go away, knowing that
i will never c u again
i waited but u neva came back.
and i left with a heavy heart
since then i havnt been able
to get you out of my mind
all i have is a picture of u
with ur horse
i have been thinking about u
and always will
coz u have intoxicated me
its just funny, how one look
can do soo much to u
but i will never know
if it was any thing
i might never see u again
may be it was nothing
or may be we were connect for few seconds
Seems like, i will wonder
for a long long time
if it was eva meant to be
and i lost u.
May be… for ever.

25th June 06


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