Love U Adore U


When the sky gets dark
And the moon turns bright
Shedding light like an ark
Cutting through the black night
I wonder how would it be
If right now U were with me
I would have held U close
Looked into Ur eyes
And read the unspoken words
Filling love that never dies
I wouldn’t let go off U
For nothing in the world matters
When U are there.
Leaning against Ur chest
Listening to Ur heart
Speaking of the love
That we secretly share
Love that never needed words
To explain the depth
To prove us together
Closing my eyes
Feeling Ur fingers through my hair
Ah! what a lovely feeling
To know U are there
And as we lay against each other
Holding hands, staying close
Staring and smiling
That feeling of trust
Engulfs my soul
Life seems so satisfied
When every thing works right
Every move is a step ahead
Towards the beautiful life
With U beside me
I know
I will never be alone
Coz I don’t just love U
I adore U, desire U
Waiting for a time
For U to be a part of me
My life wud complete
For it is so very incomplete
With out you.

11 Dec 2003′


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