“I know you”


I know you
& i’ve understood u well
But i cant do any thing
its not in my hands
I want to do it
but i cant
i want to say it
but i cant
I want u to understand
dat am completely bound
I’ve lost control over me
Emotions made me blind
Situations insaned my mind
I’ve lost my words
and tongue unplugged
with my voice untund
& my voice unbalanced
I need to sequence myself
with balanced notes n scales
Appropriate lyrics n chords
with proper mixing & synthesizing
& then shall i gather
All my strength
For how well i know u
And tell u for sure
Dont worry my Friend
Yes i know u

28th Oct 97′


The Kreativ Bloggers Award


Are we rocking or what???? 😀 What a perfect weekend with a new award from Rana Armosh, The Kreativ Bloggers Award.

Rules of Acceptance:

1. Thank the blogger who presented you with the award.( Thank you Rana, I love reading ur blog http://ranaarmoush.wordpress.com, it has a really good variety and i love the way you write, keep up the good work and once again thank you so much for presenting me this award.:))

2. Post a photo of the award.( Done and above)

3. Share ten things about yourself readers don’t know.:

.1. I don’t like to see my self out of shape, and the moment i feel like am getting lazy n growing inches, i HAVE TO just start with my exercises. (now a days am lazy on purpose:P)

.2. I love chicken, i eat so much of it that i fear i will start to look like chicken little one day, but i love it better then red meat.

.3. My Dog Pepsi is my little bundle of joy, she has been bringing the happiness in my life since the last 8 years

.4. My best friend Bee is the best in the entire world, n even though i have so many more friends and really close ones, no one can compare to Bee. Infact shes not my best friend, shes my soul sister:)

.5. I love giving surprises to people and making their day but at the same time i hate being not in control of any situation(i just discovered my husband is the same way),  that was initially planned by me

.6. i have been trying to finish a book (Freya North Love rules) i started a month back but am getting distracted n bored so easily that i cant seem to get my interest back in it 😦 (i hate it wen this happens)

.7. I am like a little kid, n no matter how old i get, or what people may think, i will never and i mean NEVA stop being excited about life and little moments that life brings to us.

.8. No one is perfect but i am proud of me and i love being me:)

.9. I used to believe in fairy tales and like the princess always waiting for her prince, i knew n had faith in that one day my prince will come in my life too. Now 14 months of being married i’d say i wasn’t wrong:)

.10. I have been planning to write a proper about me but its still in the thinking process *looks down with a i-am-sorry-am-delaying-it look)

4. Choose six people to present this award to.:

1- Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars

2-meyyum thinks…

3-Colline’s Blog

4-♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡


 5. Let the six bloggers know they have been awarded.( Will be on that ASAP)



Today i was thinking
of all the times
we’ve spent together
listening to eachother
sharing with eachother
talkin to eachother
cariung for eachother

all the times that we took
to answer the phone
or make a call
to let the other know
that he’z cared

times we took
to understand eachother
fairly & completely
to know eachother
fully & truely

All the time we took
to make the other happy
to wipe the tears when cry
to give a support
to be tehre to reply

All the times that we took
to show passion n compassion
warmth n owness
in our relation
within us

time we took
to mend our friendship
to make it bearable & stronger
and to make it more beautiful

and i hope that
in the warmth of all those times
our friendship would ever grow
Ever last

29th Oct 97′

“That Particular Person”


I used to think of a person
who wud be always there for me
to carry me in my odd times
to lift me when am down
to make me happy when am sad
to be compassionate when am low
to make me see through life
to make me understand
to hold me when am depressed
and hug me in distress
A person
To light up my life
with his love n passion
and make me comfortable
with his warmth
A person
who may be ordinary for others
but in whom I see
the beauty of his soul
beauty that I can always feel
I used to think of such a person
who that particular person be
A Person whose very much my own
a person who is only mine
and at last I found that person
in sumone very near n close to me
and that once particular person
that I have at last found
is in you

29th Oct 97′

The Liebster Blog award !


Oh wow, i think i have fallen in love with word press, this is my second award nomination this week, and i just cant express how excited i am now. i wanna write like every day hehe. It hasn’t been long since i started posting my writings here and already i have found so many people who inspire me and who like the way i write too. Its amazing when you get all those comments :))) *grin*

So before i start to blabber any more and not wasting any time, i am now going to share the rules of this award.

1. Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you. Thank you Rana Armoush writer of http://ranaarmoush.wordpress.com for nominating me to this award:))) I love the way she writes and express and am sure u will enjoy it too:))

2. List five blogs that has affected your writing in a positive manner, by virtue of comments, posts, inspirations etc.

Now this is a tough part coz so many blogs that i read are amazing and have some thing or another that inspires me, motivates me and gives me a better understanding to things but here are a few that i will name that are my top favorite






All the best for the award, u guys rock:)))

3. Leave comments on those blogs letting them know of the nominations ( will do as soon as i post this )
4. Post the award in your blog.( Done)
5. Bask in the love of fellow bloggers and spread joy and inculcate good karma.( yup yup:)

I think WordPress is a great place to find good minds and to read their blogs. I truly enjoy reading and writing here, Never really thought that a writing daily diary in a register in childhood would actually become a habit to write and express, so here i am blogging and now getting nominated for awards, whether i get them or not, its a good motivation to keep writing good stuff for sure:)

So now all the best for the Award every one and keep writing and expressing your thoughts.:)


The Versatile blogger Award!


So, as you may know the game is on here at wordpress and somehow I’m in it now, thanks to my fellow blogger who nominated me. And even though  i never really thought that my blog was the versatile kind, I’m just going to go along with it, and see how it goes :)

So, first the rules:

1.Add a picture of the award to this post.

2.Thank who nominated you.

3.Nominate 15 other Bloggers and inform those 15 they have been nominated.

4.Share 7 random facts about yourself.

Thanks to  http://lifeafairytale.wordpress.com for nominating my blog https://tyakhan.wordpress.com for this award.

Here are the 15 other nominations. (Definitely not in order though :P )

1-  http://persianbee.wordpress.com

2- http://mariumarif.wordpress.com

3-  http://backtowardslight.wordpress.com

4-  http://jennyjain.wordpress.com

5- http://exceptyou.wordpress.com

6- http://kerinburford.wordpress.com

7- http://sarazpace.wordpress.com

8- http://justsimplyinlove.wordpress.com

9- http://ranaarmoush.wordpress.com

10- http://dimitrisnowden.wordpress.com


12- http://thesqueakyrobot.wordpress.com


14- http://badlandsbadley.wordpress.com

15- http://thebettermanprojects.wordpress.com

Now 7 random fact, hmm lets see!

1- English is not my first language.

2- I love animals

3- I am crazy about photography.

4- I appreciate fine things in life

5-. I am a people’s person i can’t stand a solitary life.

6- I dislike people who judge others and jump to conclusions

7- I live every single moment:)

Live today


Often we take every thing for granted. We preplan for years to come, we postpone our plans for future indefinite dates, we make plans for life, even at times we leave some things for later, things as small as telling that one person “I Love you”. We decide that tomorrow we will make very thing better, we will deal with every thing, we will fix things tomorrow coz today we have other things on mind but…….. what if tomorrow never comes? what if tomorrow we are not there? what if there is no tomorrow?

We tend to ignore this reality of life which is sure to happen anyday any time and in any manner. We lead a busy life in which we dont have time for people we love, trying to make some thing for a better future, am not saying we should’nt but in doing so we forget to live life. My only point is that we should life it up every day like its our last, who knows what will happen tomrrow.

Life is a very precious thing, and you only live onces so why not live it to the fullest? They say you cant change fate. what ever is written for you is bound to happen, so who knows how tomorrow will be what it will bring along? Tensions problems ups and downs are a part of life, one should not stop living coz of them. As long as you have life things will work out. but dont die before your death already. dont live today in crying about how you will die tomrrow, Live in every moment today so that tomorrow you die with a smile coz you lead a happy and a full life.

Today and now is what we have so live it, enjoy every moment and make the best out of every thing, every situation, every moment. Enjoy every single thing about today, Live today, preserve it, save it in our memories and heart. Live it while you can coz tomorrow never comes, so live today