OLA 2012



Last pic of the year 2011


1st Jan 2012

OMG just writing this date makes me feel like , I mean its 2012 ALREADY :O ok am gonna stop being so dramatic now, am sure by now if any one has had enough patience to read the post before this….. must be waitng for me tojust get over writing already 😛 so i wont take long in writing unnecessary stuff like i am writing right now lol, Okkkk sooo Port Grand was really amazing, we went there by 8:15, took a long round before thinking on and ditching chinese good and deciding on the Ghaffaar’s BBQ which was OMG yummyyyy, literally finger licking good, i know am stealing nando’s punch line but i really don’t care right now its the truth 😀 It was shocking when we realized that the dinner had finished and it was ONLY 9:30 and we had ample time to kill before the clock struck 12 so we decided to walk up to the gate n then back to the coffee house which was at the end of port grand for coffee n tea. There was a band playing english songs by the pier which we stood for n listened to while girls enjoyed their ice-creams, we swayed a little wid the music n injected the dancing worm in pppl around us who after a few reservations started to move on the music too. O la la we were INFECTIOUS spreading the virus all over 😛 Muahahahhahahha



Countdown at the Pier

By 10:30 we had settled ourselves very comfortably at the coffee tables, sipping our cofffee, tea and green tea’s away, taking potraits n group pics of our gang, dat is a MUST. The next time we looked at time it was 11:30 so we hurried to the pier again, by now a mid age couple was dancing in front of the band on the pier we went n stood up there, listening to the songs, swaying on the beat and enjoying the music. in a little time we all got in the new year spirit and started dancing, more people joined in, n before we know it, it was 12. The ships were blowing horns and we all wish eachother a happy new year. stayed there for half an hour before we all gathered at NnMb’s house and played dumb sharades till 4 in the morning.


Starting new year wid smiles....... HAPPY NEW YEAR 😀 from all of us

Over all had a really good new year start, this was after i think atleast 5 years that i had gone some where out for new years in Ktown. but loved it, was sumthing different and definitly nice. I wish this year brings more happiness for me n my gang then the last year did. Ameen. May this year be perfect for all of us.and all of you readers:))))


Happy New Year every one 😀 n stayed tuned untill next time


7 thoughts on “OLA 2012

  1. finger lickin good is KFC punch line not nandos 😛
    injected the dancing worm in people??? what are we? mad scientists?????
    lol @ ship horns
    hehehhehehehehhe muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhh love u and it DEF. was one the best new years ive had muah
    luv ya

  2. Finger Lickin’ Good is actually KFC’s “punchline” which in fact is a tagline (a branding slogan typically used in marketing)… punchlines are basically the ends of jokes! 😉 as much as I loved yours! 😀

    I usually encourage young and budding writers, but you seem old enough to at least know how to run spell-check on MS Word. A piece of advice; re-read whatever you write at least 3 times, then let someone else read it twice, and then maybe you can try publishing it.


    • Approved n published. I appreciate critics, it helps me write better so thank you for ur advice. I do recheck my writings before publishing, and i do know the marketing terms for different things, but there are certain things that i write a certain way, and certain terms i use for certain stuff, dats just my style so i wont change that, also english is not my first language so i try to express myself in the best way i see possible, however thank you for correcting me even though it couldv’e been a little more politely put, but regardless i appreciate your feedback 🙂
      Take care

  3. @anahita: yup i think i got over excited with all the BBQ we had so i didn’t really care whose like it was:P
    and yes are we less then any mad scientists? tell me poeple didn’t started to dance after we did hain hain? they totally got into the mood so yes we were infectious
    lol ship horns were fun 😀
    hehehehhee Love u tooo babe

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