Collector’s Treasure


Sometimes things happen so perfectly in front of our eyes that we fail to see the reality behind the situation. We believe what we see but not every thing that we see is true. Well……… not always!
I know some one who was forced her way into believing to see situation in a completely different way where as the reality was way too different. Just hearing about it all made me feel so bad, it was literally disgusting how the guy had played his cards just right. From the very start to the very end, he portrayed him self as some one who was very true to her, Loved her like any thing and was always there as a support. 5 years of a person’s life spent into believing that they are loved, cared for and there is some one out there waiting for them, ready to spend their entire life with them. That person would make a whole fairy tale of their life with this person living happily ever after. If only people knew that there are NO happily ever afters, or …….. may be just a few. But its not their fault. Since childhood we girls are forced to believe that there is a fairy tale in which a princess is waiting for her prince to come rescue her and take her with him and spend the rest of his life loving her. (Happily ever after)! its amazing how such imaginations forms a whole different world in our dreams. Every girl is a princess, waiting for her prince charming and their happily ever afters. Every girl weaves dreams of her perfect match, her Mr right, her Man.

But what happens when these dreams are shattered and an ugly truth stares right in your eyes. All your dreams, hopes, courages dies within seconds, may be even the strength to live. What happens when you realize that you had been living a lie? That all your dreams have disappeared like the mist in the air, all your belives were nothing but an illusion that the magician perfected. He made you see what he wanted you to see. Thats pretty skillful if you ask me. I mean who has the time to actually sit and plan such things, it has to be a very twisted mind to pull off some thing of this nature with out getting caught. It sounds like some star plus drama that has been written keeping every evil aspect in mind, with a catch for the viewers to keep their interest and to keep them wondering what will happen next. But my dear friends this is not some drama, its life. Real life. Some one’s life who got effected in the process of fun and games. How does one deal with the betrayal, with the heart break, with all the hurt that has been caused. How does one start over?

It is so easy for some people to play games with others, make them believe that they are wanted and loved and are everything and are even promised the stars and the moon and what not, where as they have another person in their life all the while they were fooling others? and they do it with such perfection. I call such people collectors, they love collecting people, “perfect little gems” in their treasure box. Even if they have no reason to keep them, they still do, there is no explanation except that they are twisted retards who think that its OK to play with anyones life. and then will keep returning to see if their effects are still there or wearing off? Offcourse, it all makes sense, how can they let any one start over? NEVER!. Even after months of broken relations they keep crawling back into the lifes of those they ruined just to make sure that their evilness is still alive.

Although i am not going to blame the collectors 100%, They  succeed because we let them, Why cant we keep an open eye in our relationships and act when its needed?. Am not saying you have to be totally conscious and be on ur foot to keep an eye on things all the time but when something happens we need to stop it right there. There is always a start of things which are controlable if we dare. But sitting back thinking oh he loves me so much and awwww how cute he cares for me n that’s why he is being paranoid… sorry I don’t take that as an excuse because things just get worse from here onwards if they aren’t stopped. and while I say this I know its not easy to put a stop to such things when you are in love. Your heart no matter how hurt will not allow you to speak. People get scared what if they leave us? Well honestly its better to stay single then to be fooled by such people. They are no good if their heart is not into loving but only fooling and playing games.

I just hope that people open their eyes and take notice of little things that we tend to ignore in a relation, which are actualy signs of reality and can ensure a safer future and less heartbreaks. Things that we overlook are what shows the persons truth and evilness but we are so blind in love that we fail to see the reality of the situation and allow ourselves to slip into a false paradise…… If only we are able to over look OUR feelings, we might just have better relationships, If at all. That’s what i believe……. Getting hurt on an initial stage is far much better then becoming a collector’s treasure. Do not be fooled!!!


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