“That Particular Person”


I used to think of a person
who wud be always there for me
to carry me in my odd times
to lift me when am down
to make me happy when am sad
to be compassionate when am low
to make me see through life
to make me understand
to hold me when am depressed
and hug me in distress
A person
To light up my life
with his love n passion
and make me comfortable
with his warmth
A person
who may be ordinary for others
but in whom I see
the beauty of his soul
beauty that I can always feel
I used to think of such a person
who that particular person be
A Person whose very much my own
a person who is only mine
and at last I found that person
in sumone very near n close to me
and that once particular person
that I have at last found
is in you

29th Oct 97′


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