Dancing Daisies

Flowers are beautiful and can really make your day. Today i treated my self with a bunch of daisies on my way back from a market. The moment i got home,i got to the arrangement of the flowers. My husband had bought me Harold Coderre white flowers for valentines,Image

so i washed them, cut a few almost dead ones and arranged them with my fresh daisies, along with a few tiny flowers, i dunno their names but they added yellow and purple with a dash of white to my bouquet. and then i went crazy with the photography 😛


Finally here is the Bouquet… am sure i am going to take more pics in the next few days 😀Image

I never believed that flowers had any powers,but they really made my day and so i now believe in the flower power 🙂




My love for you
is strong enough
to keep you determined
towards achiving
our destiny of love
for you it might be tough
to stand against your parents
and demand for me
but then i have made
some sacrifizes too
Me being a girl
Stoods for my rights
then you surely can too
for i love my parents too
not just you
but strength of our love says
dont backout
the promises you have made
come and fulfill them
come and take me
for i am yours forever
and to be no one’s else… ever!

20th March 99′



You have become
My aim and necessity
all of a sudden
i’ve realized
how badly
i need you
how immensely
i want you
how passionately n strongly
i desire you
My love for you grow
day by day
Our detiny is, i know
on it way
life withouth u seems useless
your love for me is priceless
Never on earth will i ever get
the degree of love u shed each moment
i can surely say that
u are the love of my life
that i treasure alot
you are the only person
i look up to
My passion for u go crazy
My desires for u go mad
My body aches for your touch
I need you badly now n ever
am yours…. wholey n souly

15th June 98′



I thought without you
A little time i will spend
But no i was so wrong
My life seems to end

My guestures dosnt link
My face does not glow
My eyes dosn’t blink
My smile does not show

I wish you were here
My eyes would shine
I smile bright wide
Knowing you are mine

Waiting for the time
for us to be together
Will sparkle dime
and happiness forever

8th Feb 99′

“LOve is Unique”

Love is something that is unique
You find it hard to get
Sweet blend of feelings and emotions
That is hard to forget
You dont know how it is,
Very rare to find
But most of all, people say
In love you are blind
It is that relation in which
Two souls are bind
And have a deep connection
Between their hearts and mind
Is it some one you know
Or someone you newly met?
But i feel that
True Love is some thing really unique
which is hard to get.
14th June 98′

“Our love is this strong”


I thought that i would not miss you
But even for one night
I couldn’t stay without
I missed you like hell
Today i can really feel
How strong our love is
How much i love you
How much i need you
how much i miss you
That even for a moment
I cant stay without you
My heart ached so badly
My skin felt so cold
My eyes seemed so lifeless
Knowing that i am not with you
I never knew
How much dependent i’ve become on you
Over this short period of time
But i do know for sure
How strong our love is
& i cant even think of a day
Without you in my life
Our love is this strong

14th June 98′

“My No Man’s Land”


My No Mans Land is a heart
In which i live
I can go there any time i want
Stay there for as long as i want
A place where i feel satisfied
A place where my heart is at rest
A place where my mind is at ease
A place where my body is relaxed
A place where i feel peace
A place where no one has reached
A place which is only mine
A place which am pround of
A place of no other man
A place thats “My No Man’s Land”

3rd Dec 97′