“Your Love”


Your love for me
Is the most precious thing
on earth
That has ever happened to me in my life
You entered my life like a complete stranger
And gradually become a part of me, my life
I appreciate you for sticking with me
For so long with all my attitudes
But since you have entered
My life has completely changed
Though it was never easy for me
To adjust with a new life style
But it was you who made it
So simple and easy for me
It ws your love that worked out
And now that i am
A completely new person
The credit goes to you
and since you did so much for me
I reward you myself
I am completely yours!

20th May 98′


6 thoughts on ““Your Love”

    • i wrote this way back before i even met my husband, right now am just posting stuff i wrote since the time i started writing, i wrote a few for my husband too n they feel way better n much more deeper then any :)))
      i shall start to post those as soon as am doing posting my old stuff n update my blog properly:)))

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