“Our love is this strong”


I thought that i would not miss you
But even for one night
I couldn’t stay without
I missed you like hell
Today i can really feel
How strong our love is
How much i love you
How much i need you
how much i miss you
That even for a moment
I cant stay without you
My heart ached so badly
My skin felt so cold
My eyes seemed so lifeless
Knowing that i am not with you
I never knew
How much dependent i’ve become on you
Over this short period of time
But i do know for sure
How strong our love is
& i cant even think of a day
Without you in my life
Our love is this strong

14th June 98′


4 thoughts on ““Our love is this strong”

  1. That’s exactly how I feel about my boyfriend. We’ve been together for eight years and I can’t image my life without him. Thank you for sharing this. You did an amazing job.

  2. This is how I feel about my boyfriend too. And b/c he’s a truck driver, he’s gone most of the week so I am alone and so sad when he’s gone.

    • Awww i can imagine its really hard to imagine life with out the one we love, and when they aren’t around we really miss them, and that time seems unbearable but thats just life n love i guess 🙂

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