Feel Good Deed

11march 2012  (sorry for the delay in posting)

I feel good today 🙂 Today i feel i did somthing good even if its not too big. last few weeks me and my hubby have been thinking on the lines of beautifying our garden but we never really seem to have enough time for it or lets just say that we dont really have any expertise in doin so. like a few days back we got some ground vines to fill up our front lane of the garden, along came a lil guest for our garden.. a snail 😀


I some how love snails even though i know they are not too good to have in ur garden i just cudnt stop taking its pics and praising it 😛 this was last week

Yesterday my hubby and i went and got some fertilizer and seeds for two seasonal flowers, since its only the start of march, the flowers can go on till atleast september so totally worth it:P Also i got a lil watering can so that i could water the small pots even when there is no long pipe. So today evening while i let my dog run loose all over the lawn, i watered the ground vines which i am hoping by now are getting their roots strong deep down and shall soon spread all over, also watered the entire lawn with that watering can. I didnt buy a very big one coz i knew i wont b able to pick it once its all filled with water, but the down side of a small size is that you have to go fill it every one minute:P which i must admit was fun and i felt like am kinnda workin out (just feeling happy about it even if it made no difference in my calorie burns :P) I felt good and told my self its better to water like this then not water at all for 3 days since days thats how long our gardener takes to return every time he pays us s a visit. *lazy chap* 😛
Well here is the winner of the day TAdaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 😀


Hope you all have a great day and an amazing weekend:)


10 thoughts on “Feel Good Deed

    • heheheh thank you, i dunno how but ever since i remember i have been fascinated by snails, even insisted on keeping them in my aquarium with live plants lol after a few days there were no more plants left:P but i still love them hehehe
      Thank you JoJo

    • Enjoying the sun at times can be so blissful 🙂 glad you had a great weekend too.
      Aaah finally some one knows how i feel about snails 😀 most of my friends think am weird for liking them 😛

  1. There are so many snails around my house. Once I went home late, I felt terrible when I accidently stepped on one of them. 😦 Well, I didn’t mean to. It was so dark and the light hadn’t gone in. Now I have to be extra vigilant every time I come home late..

    Thanks for the post, it’s a good reminder! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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