If You Leave Me


I can never think of a time
that i can spend without you
you have become so important to me
that life without you will be meaningless
i have loved you so purely and truely
then why is my love not answered
a moment without you is like an end
a life without you will be hell
Dont give me so much pain
Dont kill me before my death
I am ready to face any thing in life
only if you are with me
to encourage me n give me support
My life was messed up before you
You entered in and organized it
now if you leave me and go
My life will be shattered
I need you to be with me
to guide my life in an organized way
to tell me where i am wrong
and kiss me blues away
Since you came into my life
Flowers are my path
and happiness my way
If you ever leave me
My happiness will fade
and flowers will wither
My eyes will cry
n my heart will pain
My sunshine will set
Never to rise again
Please my love
Dont leave me and go
Because without you
I will be no more, No
Please promie to stay sweetheart
For never to be apart
If you go remember one thing forever
that my love for you will finish never
I love you

7th March 99′


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