Light = Hope


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  I have just started to take part in this 5minutes Friday challenge. this will be my first post.   We write for five minutes without self-editing or over-thinking on a given prompt.  Then link up at The Gypsy Mama’s to see what others have to say and to encourage each other’s efforts.

Today’s prompt: Light

Ready…. Go!

How do you see light? For me light means hope, i believe that every dark tunnel has a light in the end, a hope.


I see how so many people give up so easily where as they are million times better then alot of other people, but they are never thankful, they are always looking for some thing more, always complaining. I cant believe how some people can just do that, i mean hello!, never give up is probably the first lesson we learn as a kid, when we try to stand the very first time, no matter how many times we fall we would still try to stand first with a help of something, and then slowly regaining our own balance, we stand by our own. similarly even when we grow up we need to apply the same technique, that no matter how many time we loose we should not give up and try again. Apparently most adults loose patience very soon and hence they fail to keep that level of calmness that is needed for certain things. We get impatient and want results immediately and gradually we are setting a very bad example for our young ones.

so many people even go to extremes of giving up like trying to commit a suicide. Its sad really sad…..I really hope that we as adults can practice more patience so that not just we can benefit from it but our kids can also learn the importance of patience and hope in life.


Okay, it’s your turn.  I look forward to reading your thoughts.


15 thoughts on “Light = Hope

  1. Welcome to Five Minute Friday Tya.
    Hope is so important to have – it is what pushes us forward to achieve our dreams; it is what helps us reach that moment of contentment in our lives. If all the people in the world gave up hope, our world would be a truely sad place with no innovation and no striving for a better world.

    • 🙂 thank you Colline, I really enjoyed writing 😀 was some thing different and fun and sumthing i hadnt done in a long long time. 🙂 Thank you for helping me with it.

      yup, so true hope is necessary for life, if we don’t have hope we cant do any thing at all.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Giving up because certain things is too hard is something I don’t want to do. I want to keep going because the regret I’ve had when I quit is far worse than the pain of pressing on. Thank you for encouraging me to keep on going and keep trying, Tya!

    • Ur welcome Malisa 🙂 giving up is the worse thing we can ever do to our selves, we should never question our potentials, its amazing how we can at times surprise ourselves just by taking that extra step. 🙂
      Keep going and soon you will achieve what you set your aim for. 🙂 My Motto.. Nothing is impossible. 🙂
      Take good care of ur self

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