5 Minute Friday – GOOD BYE!

5 Minutes Friday is hosted by  The Gypsy Mama every Friday where we write for five minutes right from the heart without self-editing, no backtracking or over-thinking on a given prompt.


Then link up at The Gypsy Mama’s to see what others have to say and to encourage each other’s efforts.

Today’s prompt: GOOD BYE

Ready…. Go

Good bye, as simple as it sounds its very hard to say, especially when you are saying it to some one you know is going out of ur life for good. How do you let that attachment, that love, that intensity for the person just go to ashes in the burning flame of a simple good bye so easily??? its soo difficult to just stand there, face your fears and tell that one person who meant the world to you, that its the end? a good bye?
you need alot of courage and strength to do it, knowingly, it kills you but still you have to be strong, for your self and for the other.


Wish it was as easy as saying it, things would be much simple. the hurting heart needs to lay back, the tears ready to fall from the corner of the eye needs to stay there a bit longer, the heart beating so fast needs to calm down a lil, the skin blushing with emotions needs to cool off a bit longer, till one is told off, Given a farewell………… A final good bye!


Okay, it’s your turn.  I look forward to reading your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday – GOOD BYE!

  1. It was definitely hard leaving my husband of 22 years last spring when I moved out…but it was even harder leaving my beloved dog behind, but as you know from Facebook, I got him back in January. 🙂

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