5 Minute Friday – TOGETHER!


5 Minutes Friday is hosted by  The Gypsy Mama every Friday where we write for five minutes right from the heart without self-editing, no backtracking or over-thinking on a given prompt.

Then link up at The Gypsy Mama’s to see what others have to say and to encourage each other’s efforts.

Today’s prompt: TOGETHER

Ready…. Go

The word together can mean different things to different people, it can be on an individual basis or as a whole nation, but when i think about the word together it reminds me of my best friend (BEE). We have been friends for the last 16 years and even though she dosnt live in the same country any more, we make it a point to stay in touch, through facebook and skype. Apart from the physical aspect, it feels like she never left.
Together we did so much, went to college together, did the most stupidest and the craziest things, went through so much, did so much. Even though i have alot of close friends now but i dearly miss her presence with me and i really hope that we can have those old days back some day 🙂


For all the fun we had and all the laughs we shared, all the tears we shed together, She is the bestest friend i could ever have, shes like my sister, partner in crime, the one who always supported me and was with me no matter what.  We have been the craziest ever! i miss her so much, Far from eachother, still together we hold strong and love eachother so much.
Friendship like ours is very rare and i hope that people who have such special people in their lives, appreciates them, coz true friendship is very hard to find 🙂


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