5 Minutes Friday : Opportunity

Image 5 Minutes Friday is hosted by  The Gypsy Mama every Friday where we write for five minutes right from the heart without self-editing, no backtracking or over-thinking on a given prompt.

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Today’s prompt: Opportunity

Ready…. Go


A chance to do sumthing, for me its more like a chance to prove ourselves, to may be challenge ourselves to grab a chance. Its not every day that an oppurtunity knocks our door, It also depends on how one see’s an oppurtunity as. A chance to do sumthing and prove to your self and the world that you can do it and you have? Many people complain that they neva get a chance to do this and do that, at times you just need to wait and jump to an oppurtunity as soon as you see one to achieve sumthing that you want or you might just be too late.

Its Funny coz i just have a very weird yet funny example that sits perfectly on the subject. Just today i went to a hospital to get a few reports, first i had to travel all the way from the main building to the parklig area which was a good 15 mins walk, then when i finally got the correct block, i had no idea i had to get a token before i can get my reciept to processs so after waiting in line for a while and finally coming to the counter am told about the token and to wait for the number to be called out. The machine, didnt seem too happy with me and refused to issue me the token, which i tried a couple of times, by now i had 5/6 people behind me waiting to get a token so when i failed i told the guy behind me to try, i thought he will be good enough to hand me the token if the machine works INSTEAD he takes the token and walks away :s and i just keot standing there loking at his back walking away. LOL now dats what i call grabbing an opportunity!
The next guy in line offered the help and sweet enough of him to give the first token he took out to me n then took out another one for him.

From this all i gather is that people now a days have become so insensitive that they will do any thing to grab the opportunity and win the situation, not caring hows others may feel

Have you had any similar experiences?




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Five Minutes Friday: Perspective

Image   5 Minutes Friday is hosted by  The Gypsy Mama every Friday where we write for five minutes right from the heart without self-editing, no backtracking or over-thinking on a given prompt.

Then link up at The Gypsy Mama’s to see what others have to say and to encourage each other’s efforts.

Today’s prompt: Perspective

Ready…. Go


Every individual is different and every one has a different and their own prespective. and it is not necesary that two people will agree on the same thing.

Its just the way people look at things. Like for example all my elders have always pressed on this note that one should take care of what people say and every thing but my debate here is, yes one shud but not so mnay that you stop living life just coz oh my God what will people think. it some how does not make sense to me but it does to my elders somehow.


For me prespective for life is to keep it simple and as easy as possible. No grudges, no complains and take life as it comes, who knows how long we are here for. A better and a nice prespective for life can really make things easy for alot of people. Its just how you see life as. For me its the most beautiful and precious thing we human have that God has given to us and we should cherish it as much as we can because i believe that Life is what we make it, So why not make it amazing for us to live despite all troubles an d problems that revolve round us:)

Thats just how i feel, how about you?

You loved me in a way


No one has ever loved me
You loved me in a way
I could never ask god for any thing more
Then the love you give me Every day
We live togther forever
That’s what i always pray
I love u so much my dear
But I still never say
Waiting for the the right time
It may not be now, or it may
Your love seems to me
Like a true bright sun ray
You are my aim my passion
I know you will always stay
Coz no one has ever loved me
You loved me in such a way.

18th Feb 98′


“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but wholse place no one else can take”
Mothers are special creatures, the amount of love, patience and tolerance they have for their kids is amazing. They love their child like nothing else in the world.
Happy mothers day to every one, to all the moms and to all the mom-less daughters and sons, know that they are smiling down at you right now and loves you, holds you close n still feel happy to see you smile 🙂


Amazing Thursday :D

3rd May 2012

I know i havnt been posting much lately just had been a lil busy with family and farmville (A) but i have sumthing amazing to share, for all the times i had been cursing my self to start a regular exercise, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep my weight in check, i failed miserably after 2 days of workout, i could so not carry it on for a longer time. No matter how many times i thought i will do my step jogging, since its better then doing nothing. but i would do it for 2/3 days n then forget for 5 days resulting in a bad muscle shape. I had also been thinking to start swimming for 2 years now but i just never really went.
So on 3rd May thursday while i was visiting my dad, i finally picked up a friend of mine and went to the club near dad’s place who allow non members to swim with a minimal per day fee for an hour, it sounded very reasonable adn suitable to me that i dont have to keep going every day, I only pay as i go.

As i parked the car in their parking lot, i felt a little nervouse as i was about to be swimming after almost 20 years. My friend K sat on the chairs while i went to change and shower. walkin towards the pool i kept looking at the water amd decided i should first step in the shallow water and see how it goes, so i climbs the steps, felt the water welcome me, then i did my breathing exercise. it was sad coz i realized i have lost my strength and the ability to control my breath for long. I did the exercise where i was holding on to the side of the pool and let my body float on water while i hold my breath. once i felt i was comfortable with that i tried the floating, only did it like 5/6 steps away from the side and i had to stop for a breath. i was litereally taking baby steps no matter how much i wanted to swim lengths freely like i did way back when i used to swim, Lets just say i was still a kid then so it has to be more then 20 years. 🙂 after 30 minutes passed, i was floating, doing the frog stroke, tried a lil freestyle and back stroke. by 50 minutes of session i was much more comfortable and was actually enjoying the water (I always had). I told my friend that next time she should try it too, it will b fun. Finally it was time off, i got outta pool, showered n changed, and went to dad’s with K. Later in the evening my hubby came, we dropped K at her place and i came home with my hubby.


I am soooo glad that i finally took that one step and went for the swim coz now i plan to go if not more atleast twice a week. and i think that should b good enough along with my jogs and walks and green tea and more fruits intake 🙂 also i am feeling good, no doubts in the morning my body was hurting like any thing, my muscles were so hard it was hard to move, even the muscles in my back feel workedup, which is good coz no matter what exercise i did, i could never make the muscles of my back enjoy the effects. Now i am more sure that i wanna swim twice a week. I just hope i continue it and not quit in the middle.

So, Over all Yup had a great thursday and felt soo amazing and exhilarating 🙂

Have you ever tried to do something you had been meaning to do for long? if yes, how did you feel? 🙂

Take care all and have a great weekend 🙂 Make it meaningful! 🙂