Five Minutes Friday: Perspective

Image   5 Minutes Friday is hosted by  The Gypsy Mama every Friday where we write for five minutes right from the heart without self-editing, no backtracking or over-thinking on a given prompt.

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Today’s prompt: Perspective

Ready…. Go


Every individual is different and every one has a different and their own prespective. and it is not necesary that two people will agree on the same thing.

Its just the way people look at things. Like for example all my elders have always pressed on this note that one should take care of what people say and every thing but my debate here is, yes one shud but not so mnay that you stop living life just coz oh my God what will people think. it some how does not make sense to me but it does to my elders somehow.


For me prespective for life is to keep it simple and as easy as possible. No grudges, no complains and take life as it comes, who knows how long we are here for. A better and a nice prespective for life can really make things easy for alot of people. Its just how you see life as. For me its the most beautiful and precious thing we human have that God has given to us and we should cherish it as much as we can because i believe that Life is what we make it, So why not make it amazing for us to live despite all troubles an d problems that revolve round us:)

Thats just how i feel, how about you?


6 thoughts on “Five Minutes Friday: Perspective

  1. I do like your perspective 🙂 We should make the most of our time and make it as amazing for us and others as long as we have breath. I also get what your elders are saying, but you also have to draw the line and do what’s in your heart as well. Care more about what God says and less about what people say, easier said than done 🙂

  2. I agree with you that our life is what we make of it. And if you keep grudges and get too upset with other peoples’ actions, it is going to make your own life unhappy.

    • i know and its such a simple thing yet alot of people go on complaining and keeping grudges for such small things that dont really matter that much 😦

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