Dogs die in hot cars – leave a window open or leave your dogs at home! PLEASE SHARE x

Please take care of ur pets and dont leave them in hot cars even with the window slightly open for too long. it can put them in stress and dehydration


4 thoughts on “DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS!

  1. If it is over 70 degrees F, just leave your dog home. Even with the windows open the car becomes an oven very quickly. Thanks for posting. Babies and animals die in hot cars every summer because people are not paying attention.

  2. My poor pups beg to go with me in the car and I wish I could explain to them that I am leaving them home in the air conditioned house BECAUSE I love them, not b/c I don’t want them to pal around with me like we do all winter. They always look so sad and hurt when I leave w/o them, but it’s just too hot out now.

    • its ok Jojo, they will not really know that we do that for their benefits and coz we love them, they always wanna go out with us, dats their way of showing their love and attachment and we keeping them safe is our way of loving them πŸ™‚

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