5 Minutes Friday : Opportunity

Image 5 Minutes Friday is hosted by  The Gypsy Mama every Friday where we write for five minutes right from the heart without self-editing, no backtracking or over-thinking on a given prompt.

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Today’s prompt: Opportunity

Ready…. Go


A chance to do sumthing, for me its more like a chance to prove ourselves, to may be challenge ourselves to grab a chance. Its not every day that an oppurtunity knocks our door, It also depends on how one see’s an oppurtunity as. A chance to do sumthing and prove to your self and the world that you can do it and you have? Many people complain that they neva get a chance to do this and do that, at times you just need to wait and jump to an oppurtunity as soon as you see one to achieve sumthing that you want or you might just be too late.

Its Funny coz i just have a very weird yet funny example that sits perfectly on the subject. Just today i went to a hospital to get a few reports, first i had to travel all the way from the main building to the parklig area which was a good 15 mins walk, then when i finally got the correct block, i had no idea i had to get a token before i can get my reciept to processs so after waiting in line for a while and finally coming to the counter am told about the token and to wait for the number to be called out. The machine, didnt seem too happy with me and refused to issue me the token, which i tried a couple of times, by now i had 5/6 people behind me waiting to get a token so when i failed i told the guy behind me to try, i thought he will be good enough to hand me the token if the machine works INSTEAD he takes the token and walks away :s and i just keot standing there loking at his back walking away. LOL now dats what i call grabbing an opportunity!
The next guy in line offered the help and sweet enough of him to give the first token he took out to me n then took out another one for him.

From this all i gather is that people now a days have become so insensitive that they will do any thing to grab the opportunity and win the situation, not caring hows others may feel

Have you had any similar experiences?


3 thoughts on “5 Minutes Friday : Opportunity

    • hehe seriously, although i could just expect this from any one, guess i was a lil too tired of walkin all tjhat way that i just wanted to get things done with 😀

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