Khushi (Happiness)

Khushi (Happiness)

Originally in Urdu, translating in English


Itni Khushi hai mujh ko aaj, keh jiss ka koi painama nahi,
*There is no limits to my happiness today*

Is kadar inteha hoi, keh aankhon ney aanso jhalka diye
*The happiness over flew in tears*

Sawal utha kya ghum hai tujh ko, jawab aya kuch bhi toh nahi
*Question arised, whats wrong with you, answered nothing at all*

Hairani hoi aur sawal hoa, toh phir yeh aanso kaisey? jawab diya yeh khushi hai
*questioned in surprise then these tears? the answer was happiness*

Sawal phir utha, toh phir yeh aanso? jawab diya, ” yeh woh khushi hai jo sambhali nahi gai”
*Questioned by then these tears? answered, this is the happiness that couldnt be controled*

15th May 1996′


‘Sawal’ (Question)

This post was originally written in Urdu, hence translating under each verse in english so that more people can understand this post :)… thank you for reading

‘Sawal’ (Question)


Guzartey they jiss key liye har rooz us gali sey
Woh dil ab in sey tera sawal kerta hai

*the path they took every day for whom
that heart now questions them about you*

Ssaathi bhi bichar gaye, mahboob bhi na paya
Yeh zamana ab in un sey tera sawal kerta hai

*lost friends and never got a lover
this world now questions them about you*

Judda kiya tu ney khud ko jiss sey
Woh khud apney aap sey tera sawal kerta hai

*you separated yourself from whom
the one now asks themselves about you*

Bitaye they saath jo shab-o-roz her su
Woh mosam ab in sey tera sawal kerta hai

*spent days and nights with the one
that season now questions them about you*

Bikhrey hain kiss key dil key tukrey yon
Woh shaks ab khuda sey tera sawal kerta hai

*the heart thats been shattered so badly
that person now asks God about you

Guzartey they jiss key liye har rooz us gali sey
Woh dil ab in sey tera sawal kerta hai

*the path they took every day for whom
that heart now questions them about you*

12th Dec 2000′

5 Minutes Friday: See

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Then link up at The Gypsy Mama’s to see what others have to say and to encourage each other’s efforts.

Today’s prompt: See

Ready…. Go

See: They say seeing is believing and beauty lies in the eye of a beholder.. It all depends on how you see things, what is beautiful to one person may or may not be the same for another.

I consider my self as quite an artistic kind of a person and when I pick my camera (even though i may not be a very good photographer), I see things in a totally different light. A new meaning, more in depth, I seem to notice more characteristics of an object or the subject through the camera then just my naked eye. Things seem more beautiful to me, the colors the texture, its all a feel good moment.


Also they say that some people see things in a simple way and others tend to make them complicated, it depends on what factor you wanna highlight when you see some thing. a simple mind can really complicate certain things. i feel that way too at times but when i see the world through the eye of my camera, i simplify the most complicated things as well, I guess its just the way i feel about things. My pictures gives my sight a whole new meaning and i just love that about them 🙂

Every one sees things in a different light, thats my take, how about you, what do you think?

Pick of the Litter Award!

Hello all 🙂

I am soo happy for this one particular award which is so adorable and has been given to me by my fellow blogger Dogdaz I love reading this blog, it has a variety of humor and information, yet stories about the couple of animals that live in this blog’s zoo, you should give it a shot, am sure you will like it too 🙂
Now coming back to the awards, the name of the Award is “Pick of the Litter Award” and i have completely fallen in love with it 🙂


Thank you once again Dogdaz for this adorable award and thank you for sharing all the amazing posts that you do, i love reading them and learn so much form them. 🙂 Good going

My Doggies :D

31st May 2012

Happiest i am today 🙂 I am a big animal lover for as long as i can remember. I remember being very little and would pick up any stray cat i would find on the street, bring home, feed it, play with it and then leave it coz i wasnt allowed to keep them. As much as i have loved a dog i wasnt allowed to keep one for one reason or another. It was only 8 years ago that i got the permission and got myself a lil samoyd mix pup and named it shandy but because it was my very first experiece i wasnt too good at training the dog n just a month later when the pup become slightly arrgessive i cudnt handle it and sold it to sumone else.

SHANDY :ImageImage

Then i got another puppy (Named him Dash) but my mistake i picked up a sick puppy from a l.ocal market who died in 3 days:(


I left for states after that and wen i came back i already knew i will get a dog and so i had bought all the accessories for the puppy tobe from the states. 10 days after my arrival back home i got myself a golden miniature poodle (Pepsi) who will turn 8 years old this july 🙂

Pepsi’s First day: Image

shes been my adorable baby my lil bundle of joy all these years. Been with me through out, she is a cute lil playful dog, very stupid (coz she keeps trying to play with the cats even when they scratch her all over) and craves for love from every one hehe


1.5 years back when i got married i took her with me but i cudnt keep her in home so we made her home out in the garden. Although she loves the garden and enjoys her time there but i feel i dont give her that much time as she was used to from me and she gets slightly bored since before i got married she used to be roaming around in my flat n would come play when eva she wants, now offcourse i cant go out every other hour so i decided to get a new puppy who would give her a good company and she can play with the pup too. Months of searching, analyzing and deciding, Today i finally get a good news that the pups my friend’s dog had are now ready to go to new homes and i can come pick one this sunday 😀 it will be a white russian saymoyd. (pics to be posted once the new baby is home 🙂

I am soo happy i cannot even explain in words, coz just today i went with a friend to get him a dog and he got a very cute pomeranian and i felt so good being around all those lil toy breeds but felt a lil sad as  to when will i get my new baby and just now i get the sms that its ready for me 😀

I shall post the pics as soon as i bring the lil one home *CANT WAIT* 😀