My Doggies :D

31st May 2012

Happiest i am today πŸ™‚ I am a big animal lover for as long as i can remember. I remember being very little and would pick up any stray cat i would find on the street, bring home, feed it, play with it and then leave it coz i wasnt allowed to keep them. As much as i have loved a dog i wasnt allowed to keep one for one reason or another. It was only 8 years ago that i got the permission and got myself a lil samoyd mix pup and named it shandy but because it was my very first experiece i wasnt too good at training the dog n just a month later when the pup become slightly arrgessive i cudnt handle it and sold it to sumone else.

SHANDY :ImageImage

Then i got another puppy (Named him Dash) but my mistake i picked up a sick puppy from a l.ocal market who died in 3 days:(


I left for states after that and wen i came back i already knew i will get a dog and so i had bought all the accessories for the puppy tobe from the states. 10 days after my arrival back home i got myself a golden miniature poodle (Pepsi) who will turn 8 years old this july πŸ™‚

Pepsi’s First day:Β Image

shes been my adorable baby my lil bundle of joy all these years. Been with me through out, she is a cute lil playful dog, very stupid (coz she keeps trying to play with the cats even when they scratch her all over) and craves for love from every one hehe


1.5 years back when i got married i took her with me but i cudnt keep her in home so we made her home out in the garden. Although she loves the garden and enjoys her time there but i feel i dont give her that much time as she was used to from me and she gets slightly bored since before i got married she used to be roaming around in my flat n would come play when eva she wants, now offcourse i cant go out every other hour so i decided to get a new puppy who would give her a good company and she can play with the pup too. Months of searching,Β analyzingΒ and deciding, Today i finally get a good news that the pups my friend’s dog had are now ready to go to new homes and i can come pick one this sunday πŸ˜€ it will be a white russian saymoyd. (pics to be posted once the new baby is home πŸ™‚

I am soo happy i cannot even explain in words, coz just today i went with a friend to get him a dog and he got a very cute pomeranian and i felt so good being around all those lil toy breeds but felt a lil sad as Β to when will i get my new baby and just now i get the sms that its ready for me πŸ˜€

I shall post the pics as soon as i bring the lil one home *CANT WAIT* πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “My Doggies :D

  1. Thank you for sharing your personal story about the love you have for your dogs! Pepsi is ADORABLE! Change is tough for doggies, so getting a companion for Pepsi is an awesome idea! By the way, my husband’s very first dog from when he was a kid (back in the mid-1970s) was named Pepsi…what a cool coincidence! πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ™‚ thank you so much for linking my post. although initially i thot pepsi was a very weird name for a dog but it suited her soo much that it actually felt cute to call her that πŸ˜€
      am still waitin on the new pup, i had to wait for 20 days before i cud get it, hopefully next week or so πŸ™‚

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