5 Minutes Friday: See

Image 5 Minutes Friday is hosted by  The Gypsy Mama every Friday where we write for five minutes right from the heart without self-editing, no backtracking or over-thinking on a given prompt.

Then link up at The Gypsy Mama’s to see what others have to say and to encourage each other’s efforts.

Today’s prompt: See

Ready…. Go

See: They say seeing is believing and beauty lies in the eye of a beholder.. It all depends on how you see things, what is beautiful to one person may or may not be the same for another.

I consider my self as quite an artistic kind of a person and when I pick my camera (even though i may not be a very good photographer), I see things in a totally different light. A new meaning, more in depth, I seem to notice more characteristics of an object or the subject through the camera then just my naked eye. Things seem more beautiful to me, the colors the texture, its all a feel good moment.


Also they say that some people see things in a simple way and others tend to make them complicated, it depends on what factor you wanna highlight when you see some thing. a simple mind can really complicate certain things. i feel that way too at times but when i see the world through the eye of my camera, i simplify the most complicated things as well, I guess its just the way i feel about things. My pictures gives my sight a whole new meaning and i just love that about them 🙂

Every one sees things in a different light, thats my take, how about you, what do you think?


4 thoughts on “5 Minutes Friday: See

  1. I love looking at your photos on Facebook. It has given me a glimpse into your life and you always look so happy, and you have a wonderful & fun bunch of friends! I love photography, as you know, and I have come to be able to see how something will look before I raise the camera to my eye.

    • thanks Jojo, yup photography does that, gives one a clear vision even before the camera is raised to the eye 🙂
      I love spending time with my friends and totally love capturing the moments 😀

  2. I agree Tya – and that is what sometimes makes life interesting. Can you imagine if we all agreed and saw things in the same way? I wonder if there would be any creativity.

    • If we all start to see things in the same way life will be much more beautiful and there will be more love among people and no hatered or jealousy 🙂

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