Khushi (Happiness)

Khushi (Happiness)

Originally in Urdu, translating in English


Itni Khushi hai mujh ko aaj, keh jiss ka koi painama nahi,
*There is no limits to my happiness today*

Is kadar inteha hoi, keh aankhon ney aanso jhalka diye
*The happiness over flew in tears*

Sawal utha kya ghum hai tujh ko, jawab aya kuch bhi toh nahi
*Question arised, whats wrong with you, answered nothing at all*

Hairani hoi aur sawal hoa, toh phir yeh aanso kaisey? jawab diya yeh khushi hai
*questioned in surprise then these tears? the answer was happiness*

Sawal phir utha, toh phir yeh aanso? jawab diya, ” yeh woh khushi hai jo sambhali nahi gai”
*Questioned by then these tears? answered, this is the happiness that couldnt be controled*

15th May 1996′


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