Happiness, Sadness & Guilt

I havnt been blogging actively for the past few weeks because i was busy with my new puppy that i was so waiting for πŸ™‚


Hes a total sweetheart and instantly took my heart away when i saw him, 3 months old, a mix of spits and a russian samoyd, Rather a common breed in my part of the world. I was busy house training him and teaching him commands and was happy to see that he got pretty well adjusted with my other dog pepsi. We named him Master shifu inspired by the kungfu pands coz he luked like a shifu hehe


But a week down the line i realized that he has a habbit of biting and even though its just a playful bite for now it can get bad once he grows up if not trained properly. Also his breed barks alot, No matter how much i tried, his biting n excessive barking wont go off.
I live in an apartment complex sorta house with my inlaws and a few neighbors living in the same compound. Pepsi ( my poodle) was a much mellow dog and was fully trained when i got married, where as shifu is so active and hyper that i have been unable to train him well so far. i have never trained a hyper n a slightly aggressive dog before, i dont feel am cut for it. Although its only been 2 weeks and i know it takes more for a dog to get adjusted and be trained offcourse but if i can see that i am unable to stop him from bad habbits and my neighbors are getting disturbed by his barking I feel it wont b fair on him to live in a place where he cant freely be himself or be trained properly with me and neither on me if i cant handle him well. 😦 I even discussed it with the vet and he said that if i feel i cannot handle him now is the best time to return him, so that you both don’t get too attached to each other.
As sad as i may feel or no matter how much i cry by just the thought of letting him go i will have to return him back and the sooner the better so that he can go to a better home, a family who can keep him and train him well and adjust himself there. I am also feeling so guilty coz its not his fault that i neva trained a hyper dog before and i am unable to manage him properly, i feel so bad and ashamed of my self, Β but its for the betterment of us both.Β I am going to miss that lil shifu face so much:'(

You think am doing the right thing?



10 thoughts on “Happiness, Sadness & Guilt

  1. Awww Tya I’m so so sorry that it didn’t work out. But sometimes it doesn’t and you are doing the right thing. He needs to be with someone better able to train him and deal with his biting and barking. I know you feel guilty and heartbroken b/c of how much you love animals. One time years ago we adopted a golden retriever from the humane society and he was just so antisocial. He was miserable in the house, but he just wanted to be outside, left alone. We had him for the weekend and it broke our hearts to return him on Monday, but the humane society had a 30 day return policy for these kinds of instances. I’m sure you will find another pup who will better meet your needs.

    • πŸ™‚ thanks JoJo, Yup i did give back Shifu and got another pup but now am thinking i prolly made a mistake again as this one is a bigger breed that i didnt realize earlier. so yes she will need much more exercise and all. Now again thinking if i should sell her off and get a smaller breed or just keep her and get used to her 😦 *kicks myself in the head* cant just think right

  2. You’re absolutely doing the right thing. Speaking as someone who worked with The Humane Society of Louisiana as site manager of their Rehabilitation and Relocation facility it’s my opinion that the dog, and you, would both be better off. I agree with your vet in that the sooner it’s done, the better. Not only to avoid attachments, but also because his chances of finding a suitable home are reduced as he gets older. There’s no reason to feel guilt over this as it is in the best interests of all. As to your search for an canine addition to your family, you might want to think about an older dog who would not have the energy and excitability of a young pup. There are plenty out there in need of a good home.

    Good luck to you!

    • Thanks Alex, i did give back Shifu and i do feel that if you keep a pet you both gotta be at a comfortable level with eachother otherwise that bond neva connects and never strengthens.
      Thanks for your advice:)

  3. You must evaluate the situation, which appears you have, for the best outcome for all. As long as the little new addition will be placed in a new home, you are doing what is in his best interest as well as yours. One time we rescued a new adult dog (Chow mix) and within 24 hours she bite both me and Squash, unprovoked. We do not tolarate biting here at the zoo (puppy bites are different). We were sad but she had to go to a new home, because I knew she would not fit in here. Training puppies, especially the breed mix you described is time consumming and challenging. Maybe consider another poodle? Best of luck to you and your family. – DogDaz

    • Thanks for your comment :)))
      yup i did indeed get another poodle pup, she will b 4 months old in another few days. but apparently i feel she is too big for her age, or she is a standard poodle pup. I am just having a slight difficulty with her as far as her water bowl goes, she keep digging into it and drinks in a way that makes her wet. i dont understand i have neva seen a puppy or any dog drink like that or have that kinnda water obsession due to this i cant keep her bowl with her all the time, so i go out every two hours and give her water n remove the bowl as soon as she is done, n then i dry her chin with a towel. its not even that much hot here, so really have no clue, although shes so adorable, but am gonna see for a few days if i cannot get her habbit off then i might just give her to some one else and look for a miniature poodle pup., sumthing small that i can handle easily so that by the time it grows in size, its fully trained. *fingers crossed*

      • Oh my. Every animal has their own special crazies that they will come with. If she is constantly playing in the water, it could be to cool her paw pads (which is where dogs sweat) or it is just playful. No dog will be free of some quark, but if you work with them, they can learn to minimize it, just like us humans. Good luck with doggy number 3.

      • I think am pretty much settling down with Puppy # 2. I have just fallen in love with her. it took me a while in understanding her personality, once i figured out a lil bit, its getting easier every day, and now i wont trade her for any other πŸ˜€
        btw the dripping problem is still there, reduced a lil though but do lemme know if there are any tips on training her to b calm when drinking water. πŸ™‚

  4. You did the right thing in returning the first dog, and also with this dog…..I have had to return quite a few dogs….we have ended up with the best dog we’ve ever had and we’ve had him 10 years…keep trying, you’ll find the right one..:)

    • Guess what i have fallen in love with the second puppy, soon will b writing about her in detail and posting her pics. she just needs a lil work otherwise shes a sweetheart πŸ˜€
      I think i did find the right one πŸ˜€

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