Najaney kiya hoa *dunno what happened*

This poem was originally written in Urdu, now translated in English under every line


Najaney kiya hoa
*dunno what happened*

Najaney yeh kiya hoa mujhey, kiss ka intezaar tha,
*dunno what happaned to me, who i was waiting for*

Jo yakdam banney sawarney lagi.
*that suddenly i started to beautify*

Ghantoon aainey key samney baith ker,
*hours of sittin in front of a mirror*

khud hi sey sawal kerney lagi,
*kept questioning my self*

toh kon hai? kiya hai? khud ko kiya samajhti hai?
*who are you? what are you? and what do you think of you?*

Sab ajnabeeon ki tarhaan khud hi sey poochney lagi.
*questioned my self like a stranger*

Dekha jo unka aks aainey mein toh eik pal ko sharma gai.
*I blushed for a moment as i saw your reflection*

Phir zra ghoor kiya toh ahsaan hoa, keh yeh mera hi aks tha,
*i concentrated and realized its my very own reflection*

jiss ko unka samajh baithi.
*that i mistook as his*

Khud hi ko apney sir pey laga key chapat
*then gave my self a lil pat on the head*

kaha mainey keh aye pagal jaldbaazi nahi, hoosh ker.
*told my self that hey stupid, dont be impatient, be alert*

Phir sharmatey hoye, zulfein sametein aur keh kr aainey ko alwida mein chal di.
*blushingly, managing the strands of my hair, waved bye to the mirror, i walked away*

Najaney yeh kiya hoa mujhey kiss ka intezaar tha,
*Dunno what happaned to me, who i was waiting for*

jo yakdam banney sawarney lagi
*that suddenly i started to beautify*

15th May 1996′


New Arrival… Coffee 16th July 2012

Hello all

First of all i am really sorry for not posting much in this past month, was caught up with some stuff, but now hopefully i shall be more regular at posting 🙂

Alot has happened during this time. The major change is that i gave back shifu (the white russian samoyd pup) and on 16th july bought a poodle pup, who apparently is a bigger breed. I mean at 3 months she was as big as my 8 year old poodle. It took me a long time in accepting the fact that this is a pup (coz i have neva kept any big breed, so for me a pup is a much smaller version that i can carry in my hand).


I also realized that she has a bad habbit of dripping water after drinking, and she likes to wet her paws all the time which made it very difficult for me to manage initially. and i got irritated, thought may be i made another mistake by getting her. and maybe i should have waited it out till i would have gotten sumthing better, but then again how would have i known about her habbits untill i had her. The thought of selling her off did occur to me but i gave my self a period of a month to see if i can get adjusted to the (big pup) idea and manage her water habbit. Finally i came with a solution and removed water from her front, now i go out (yup out) to give her water every 2 hours, also i bought a water bottle so that she can lick it when ever she is thirsty but i think she dosnt like it much as to get alot of amount of water she would have to lick much more. but atleast that had put me on ease that she is not left out without water. yes she would not have a whole bowl to dig her face and paws in and splash water all over but when needed she can have licks of water.

I was too busy the entire month of Ramadan and couldnt give her much time, so uptilll now she only sits and shakes hand on command, she dosnt come or do any thing else on command YET ( i dont blame her). now that i have more time in hand i shall start with her proper trainning and hopefully we should reach on a good routine based on mutual respect and response 😀

We named her coffee, which now we think suits her way too much, shes active and very energetic, just like a coffee effect 🙂 she is 4.5 months old right now and i just noticed today that she lost her front teeth (my baby is growing up) 😀

As the time passed with her offcourse i got attached to her. She is like this big stupid teddy bear who would just jump into ur lap and wants to play hehe. She and pepsi gets along pretty well too, they play and fight and compete in eating food, its fun to watch them interact with eachother. she tends to bring out the puppiness in my 8 year old 🙂

Besides play all she does is sleep, no matter how many times i pick my camera to click her i mostly find her sleeping: P


ooooo and she does not bark at any one 😀 *big happy smile at that point* she luks so adorable when my neighbors pass by her and all she does is look at them with her head tilted to a side, i shall soon get a pic of her in that position n post that too. its some thing like this usually, just a DUH look on her face:P


My decision to get another dog was purely based on gettin a companion and a company for Pepsi. but at times i feel maybe i shouldnt have. Coz i see my self not giving pepsi as much attention as i used to. I see her looking at me with those eyes that question me for more time. I really hope that once coffee is trained fully i will b able to give equal time to both. coz for now i have already wasted a month of coffee’s training time, i cant loose any more.


All in all no matter how hard i feel at times to manage both, i am still happy that i bought her 🙂 Am really happy that I got another poodle. She is a total sweetheart and has completely won my heart with her crazy, naughty acts:D

Rescue Me


!!!Rescue Me!!!

I wish to be in ur arms
in front of the bonefire
under the open sky
twinkling starts n shinning moon
enlightened in ur love
Kiss me and rescue me (my love)
set me free in your world
Allow me to be ur slave
in the castle of ur heart
for i will always dance
in the beauty of ur soul

15th April 2000′

Its you


!!!Its You!!!

Every day you fill up my mind
with your thoughts
My heart with your love
and my sould with ur passion
with each passin day
I love you more n more
and i want you more n more
your smile ives me a new life
each new day
your eyes gives me way towards your soul
Love is the way to ur heart
where i shall always stay, forever
I wish to love you till the last breath i take
I need you so much
I want you so much
I deire you so much
Coz i love you so much
its you who is mine forever
since before the world came into existance
and i strongly believe that
its you i have loved
Each time i was born
its you… i will say today and forever
I love you

14th April 2000′