Rescue Me


!!!Rescue Me!!!

I wish to be in ur arms
in front of the bonefire
under the open sky
twinkling starts n shinning moon
enlightened in ur love
Kiss me and rescue me (my love)
set me free in your world
Allow me to be ur slave
in the castle of ur heart
for i will always dance
in the beauty of ur soul

15th April 2000′


6 thoughts on “Rescue Me

  1. I love to read all ur post bt 1 thng which irritates me that is ur late publish of ur post. Plz update daily ur blog. I m waiting for ur reply. Love this blog.

    • Thank you Arpit for liking my writings, it gives me great boost to know how much people like my blog, I do understand that i havnt been too regular at posting stuff, but i soon will, hopefully from this week
      alot of stuff coming up so stay tuned:)
      Thanks once again for the appreciation
      Take good care of ur self

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