Inspiring Blog Award

Last week i received  “Inspiring Blog Award,” by my dear fellow blogger Dogdaz. Thank you sooo much. I love reading your blog. I feel its a mixture of fun and information about animals. The way you share experiences and stories of your animals is just amazing and so many times i have learnt one thing or another from them. Your blog to me is truely inspirational, coz i know alot of people who love animals but the way you express ur love for them is totally adorable. and i know any one who reads ur blog will feel that way too 🙂


I love getting Awards, am sure every one does, it gives me a sense of appreciation and urges me to write more and more. but before i start with my stories lets get to the rules of this award:

(1) Link back to the person who nominated you: DONE

(2) Post the award image to your page: DONE

(3) Tell seven facts about yourself: DONE below

Fact 1:  No matter how strong i show my self from the out side, inside i am scared of alot of things, which i neva admit to any one

Fact 2: I love eating corn 😀

Fact 3:  If i had a big house i would probably turn half of it into a mini zoo of my own with so many animals

Fact 4:  i neva express my anger, i keep bottling up and then try to forgive and forget, which at times gets difficult 😦

Fact 5:  I am not clumsy but after i got married, trying to do things right, makes me do the stupidest and the clumsiest of things, its not even funny 😛

Fact 6: I love photography, and keep wishing i had a better camera so i cud just snap anything to every thing.

Fact 7: I used to write poems so easily till a few years back, now i feel i cant n i miss em 😦

(4) Nominate 5-10 other blogs,  DONE below…. Although there are so many blogs that inspire me but below are a few i really like.

1. Collines Blog

2. One life this life

3.  Snap shooter

4.  Taking snaps

5. Rumpydog

6. Kerin Burford Photography

7. ….things I LOVE

8. Rana Armoush

9. A window in the woods

(5) Let them know they are nominated. PINGBACK – you’re notified.  No really I will comment on their sites.  LOL


10 thoughts on “Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Congrats on your award Tya, it’s well deserved. And thank you SO much for the mention. You’re very appreciated. I look forward to checking out your other mentions… except for the two ladies who commented before be, Suzanne and Colline, I subscribe to both and already KNOW they’re inspiring!

    Thanks again!!

  2. clumsy is a must have in a marriage, so is the whole trial and error thing:P take it easy, don’t push yourself too hard and laugh about all the silliness you’re experiencing right now. You’ll miss it when you grow old!
    Thank you so much for the nomination, I’m glad you find my blog inspiring. I’m having a cup of tea right now, so cheers and good evening from Lebanon.

    • hehehe yea Rana i enjoy my clumsiness and laugh at my own self *makes my hubby think am crazy* 😛 but yes i love the kid in me for sure and i don think am ever letting it grow old no matter what even when i am way too old and wrinkly and have to walk with a stick 😀
      Its evening here right now and i just enjoyed a spoon full of Nutella 😀 soo happy evening to u and hope u have a wonderful time of the day ahead 🙂

  3. Congrats on the Inspiring Blog Award Tya! your work has been an inspiration to me. After reading many of your posts I decided to begin writing poetry again. Your work is wonderful and I am glad that I found your blog. Thank you for sharing your words with me and others.

    Thank you for including OLTL as a nomination. I am so in awe at this moment. Much love!!!

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