Is every thing a miracle for you?


Which one do you choose?


8 thoughts on “Is every thing a miracle for you?

    • 🙂 i think believing in miracles or as you say good fortune keeps us on the lighter positive side of life that helps us deal with alot of things smoothly and passing every day gets way easier 😀

  1. u know how it feels when you come across something very familiar after like.. agesss? 🙂 can leave one.. actually “overwhelmed doesn’t seem like the word that’s doin justice to what i feel right now.. I have had this quote by Einstein as my gmail signature for like a decade now.. one of my favz! thanks for sharing Tya! 🙂

      • for the question.. 🙂 u knw how it is when things get low.. n you gotta keep calm, n let things be.. although you’re screaming deep down due to a world war kinda case burning your insides and yet, you hold on patiently, close your eyes and put your faith in God, n just very simply believe that everything will be ok.. it’s then that u gotta believe in miracles too. I fell in love with this quote when I let its meaning sink hmm, it’s an important perspective.. one to live your life by.. that everything’s a miracle..

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