Lazy me!

OMG I have been so lazy for so many months now, i hardly write any thing and i So dont like my self for it :(, every time i think i will write i do it for max a few days n then am lost in the busy-ness of my other crappy things like facebook games. YES….. even though i always have a wordpress window open i am too lazy to give it 5 minutes of my oh-so-precious-time and write some thing… ANYTHING!


I need to fix it and i need to do it real soon. New year is just around the corner and at the start of this year i promised my self that i will be a regular writer, so more activities……. so that end of year i have alot of things to write about for my overview of the year passed….. just thinking about it is making me sad coz i may not have enuff to write as i had for last year 😦
Sniff.. i shall make these last two months of the year worthy of putting down in the blog 😀 *new inspiration bulb lights on top of her head, and a stupid smile on her lips with eyes open wide* 😛


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