Play day!

Hellooo all Today has been a busy busy day, I was over at my dads n decided to give Pepsi n coffee a bath. I cudnt take a pic of pepsi but this is how coffee luked after the bath


All fluffed n groomed, pepsi n coffee waited for their friend Rudy, my frirnds pomaranian. We usually get our dogs socialized so they r all good friends now.
The moment our bell rang Pepsi n coffee went crazy, jumping up n down, cudnt contain their excitement n jumped on rudy to greet him wen I opened the door. Rudy too was so happy to see the girls. He is more friendly with coffee maybe coz they both r of the same age, pepsi being the oldie does not like to be all energetic like them so she just sits aside n watches coffee n rudy running after eachother n playing. I got a chance to take their pic while I made tea in the kitchen, all three of them came n sat at the kitchen entrance, expecting to get some goodies


They all luked soooo adorable πŸ™‚
After a couple of hours of play, coffee n rudy dozed off :p



After sleepy Rudy left, pepsi n coffee took turns in cuddling with their toy teddy bear




Playing all day, now both r deep in sleep hehe:) I had a lovely day, especially after watching my babies play with their friend n then retire off to lalaland πŸ™‚

How was ur day?


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