8 Months old…. Coffee

My lil baby doll, Coffee turned 8 months old on 6th Dec and I dedicated my status to her

“Happy 8 month birthday to my lil Coffee cake, as irritating as any young one may be, u r still my adorable doll who wins my heart with her crazy acts, jumps n wags every single day 😀 love u my baby doll Mwahhhhhhhhhhh”

She is such an adorable lil one, even though mostly i loose my patience on her and cant stop comparing her activeness with Pepsi’s mellowness, but then pepsi is now 8 Years old, and coffee is just 8 months, still very much in her puppy hood and obviously will be more active and playful, which i really don’t mind, I think i had forgotten how pepsi’s puppy hood was, since it seems like such an old thing, despite that fact that Coffee really pushes me over the limit at times with my patience, i still adore her and enjoying her craziness. I love walking her, thanks to her i lost a few pounds too 😛

Coffee knew it was her 8th month birthday and so she kept running around excitedly with me flying behind her, leash in my hand lol, finally i got her to sit and so i took her pic.


She does not look too happy in this pic now does she, she wanted to play a lil more:P but i did notice that she looks all grown up now 🙂 My lil bundle of joy, i neva thought i will be able to love her as much as i love Pepsi but i think i do, it took sum time but i really do now and cant think of her not being in my life. 🙂


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